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Bolt Pattern Analysis

The Bolt Pattern Analysis (BPA) software provides tools to
evaluate the process of machining holes and pins. Within
seconds you can determine how well your machine is targeted
and how to fix it if adjustments are required. The software uses
statistical indicators to evaluate the current process and
best-fit tools to calculate machine adjustments. Using the
project explorer you can analyze data from one machine, two
machines or all the machines in the manufacturing process
from a single project. The software is ideal for CNC machines,
transfer lines and other production equipment.
How It Works

You build a project from part data. Then analyze the
manufacturing process using the graphical output, statistical
indicators and best-fit tools. It is simple to build a project. You
can enter data manually, import data from excel or use the
Data Collector. The Data Collector is a powerful feature. It
automates the extraction of data from software packages like
QC-CALC Real-Time, CMM Software and other data
sources. With a click of a button the Data Collector reads data
from all the data sources and builds your project automatically.
Key Benefits

  • All machine correction
    calculations use data from
    multiple parts giving you
    accurate process
    adjustment information.

  • Quickly identify root cause of
    machine problems like
    tooling, fixturing, targeting

  • Determine if the calculated
    machine corrections will
    improve the process
    capability before machining
    additional parts.

  • Analyze data from multiple
    operations (machines) in a
    single project.

  • Easy to use - Whether you
    are a process engineer,
    quality engineer or inspector
    on the shop floor, the
    software is designed to be
    used throughout the
    manufacturing process.

  • Cost savings through a
    reduction in machine
    downtime and scrap.
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