CNC Targeting Package
After the tooling is purchased, fixture manufactured and the CNC program written, it is time to setup the
machine, validate the process then run production. Unfortunately, implementing these steps consume
engineering resources, machine time and produce large amounts of scrap.

The CNC Targeting Package is a combination of software applications designed to help engineers and
operators make decisions regarding machining processes. With a few mouse clicks, you can analyze
measurement data of many parts in real-time and get valuable information. The software package consists of
four programs: QC-CALC Real-Time, Bolt Pattern Analysis (BPA), QC-CALC SPC and Reaction Plan Manager.
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Immediate Process Capability Feedback:  QC-CALC Real-Time Software

QC-CALC Real Time Software automatically reads the data from your measuring machine. No more manually entering data into
excel. The database application instantly provides plots and statistical information. It is an ideal tool used for evaluating process
capability and calculating machine adjustments.

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Accurate and Fast CNC Machine Targeting:  The Bolt Pattern Analysis (BPA) Software

The Bolt Pattern Analysis (BPA) software plots hole positions of a sample of parts. It calculates the machine work coordinate
adjustments automatically and provides tools to perform "Best-Fits" to optimize target positions. At a glance, you can identify
process variability and determine the machine adjustments. Targeting hole positions is simple using this application.

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In-Depth Analysis and Process Monitoring:  QC-CALC SPC Software

QC-CALC SPC is a complete SPC package that analyzes the collected data by QC-CALC Real-Time. Use QC-CALC SPC's
charts and reports to constantly monitor your process and keep it in control.

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Monitor Process and React to Machine Adjustments:  Reaction Plan Manager++ Software

The Reaction Plan Manager++ software provides productivity tools to reduce complex measurement information into step-by-step
machine adjustments. A Reaction Plan is built to analyze measurement data in real-time and give operators specific instructions
to adjust the machine.

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