Process Software Products
  • Clear Concise, instructional plans
  • Quicker part changeover time
  • Reduction in the need for operator training
  • Reduction in engineering hours supporting the
    manufacturing floor
  • Better process documentation
  • Overall cost savings through a reduction of scrap
Key Benefits
Bolt Pattern Analysis

The Bolt Pattern Analysis (BPA) software provides tools to evaluate the process of machining holes and pins.  
Within seconds you can determine how well your machine is targeted and how to fix it if adjustments are
required. The software uses statistical indicators to evaluate the current process and best-fit tools to calculate
machine adjustments. Using the project explorer you can analyze data from one machine, two machines or all
the machines in the manufacturing process from a single project. The software is ideal for CNC machines,
transfer lines and other production equipment.  
Key Benefits
  • Minimize machine down time
  • Quickly identify root cause of machine problems like
    tooling, fixturing, targeting etc
  • Overall cost savings through a reduction in scrap
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CNC Toolbox

The CNC Toolbox provides tools to automatically send machine adjustments directly to the CNC machine.  
Occasionally operators may insert the wrong adjustment value when manually entering data. A button is missed
or adjustment values incorrectly calculated. CNC Toolbox prevents operator mistakes by eliminating manual
data input. The machine adjustments are calculated and sent directly to the machine over the network.
Key Benefits
  • Eliminate operator input errors to CNC machine
  • Eliminate machine adjustment calculations
  • Better control of machine adjustments
  • Reduce risk of machine crash
  • Overall cost savings through a reduction of scrap
CNC Targeting Package

machine, validate the process then run production. Unfortunately, implementing these steps consume
engineering resources, machine time and produce large amounts of scrap.

The CNC Targeting Package is a combination of software applications designed to help engineers and
operators make decisions regarding machining processes. With a few mouse clicks, you can analyze
measurement data of many parts in real-time and get valuable information. The software package consists of
four programs: QC-CALC Real-Time, Bolt Pattern Analysis (BPA), QC-CALC SPC and Reaction Plan Manager.

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Reaction Plan Manager++

The Reaction Plan Manager ++ (RPM++) provides productivity tools to reduce complex measurement
information into step-by-step machine adjustments. Deciding how to react to a broken or shifted process is
critical. Part size and statistical reports may indicate the process has drifted but knowing what adjustments are
required is difficult. By using RPM++, you combine measurement data with engineering knowledge to analyze
the process in real-time and provide specific instructions to fix the process.