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Reaction Plan Manager® ++ View Mode
View Mode - What the Shop

The View Mode processes
measurement data and
displays the results in
real-time.  The operator sees
only the needed results.  When
a different data set is sent to the
software, the Reaction Plan
associated with the data
automatically loads and
performs the calculations.
Terms of Use.
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Simple for the Shop Floor

Clean interface with very few
buttons to choose from
(designed that way to keep it
simple).  The editing tools are
hidden to prevent unwanted
modifications to the solution.
Detail View

A picture speaks a thousand
words.  With Detail View you can
include pictures in your solution
to better illustrate operator
Summary View

The Summary View displays
a list of instructions.  Bypass
the detailed illustrations and
get right to the instructions.
Display Results by Severity

Only display results requiring
immediate attention by the
Severity Level

Background color is used to
indicate the critical nature of
the analysis.  Green is
normal severity (no operator
action required).  Yellow is
warning (process is still in
specification however
attention is needed).  Red is
critical (process is out of
specification and requires  
immediate attention).
Detail View
Detail View - Warning & Critical Severity Levels
Summary View