Reaction Plan Manager® Release Notes
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added something new.

Improved on the operation of something that already exists.

Fixed Reported bug.
Editor/Viewer - Added Saved Sheet and Load Sheet methods.
Editor/Viewer - Added support for Windows XP -64 bit and Windows 7 -64 bit operating systems.
calculations by an offset amount. This is a useful tool when multiple features relate to each other. You
can adjust the stats data for a feature relative to another features deviation.
dimensional information. The name of the new variable is "Correction". Reference RPM variables in help.
Editor - Enhanced the command block editor.
The function includes:
Rows Returns the total number of rows in a worksheet
Cols Returns the total number of columns in a worksheet
AvailableRows Returns the available rows (total number of rows - masked rows) in a worksheet
SearchRowForText Returns the column label for the text found in a specific row.
ConvertNumberToColumn Converts a number to a column label.
ConvertColumnToNumber Converts a column label to a column number.
ReactionPlanPath Returns the directory location of the open Reaction Plan.

The reaction plan
Pack&GoUsingDimensionLabelsVer3.pmd demonstrates how to write a reaction plan
that references features by dimension labels instead of fixed column positions.
Editor/Viewer - Updated help files.
Editor/Viewer - Added Moving Average calculation to Stats Information.
Editor/Viewer - Added "StndDevMultiplier" variable to Stats Information. (reference Standard Deviation)
Editor/Viewer - Stats information triggers a message (reaction) based on the last part instead of all of
the parts (reference help -Dimension Information Section).
Editor/Viewer - Text improperly positioned when adding a <cr> as a blank line.
Editor/Viewer - Added ability to reprocess plan after updating file created with "prn" method (reference
"OpenPrn" method).
Editor/Viewer - Text improperly positioned when adding a <cr> as a blank line.
Editor/Viewer - Input past buffer error would happen if multiple files are opened simultaneously while
executing "AddData" method.
Editor/Viewer - Added ability to insert pictures during plan execution.
Editor/Viewer - Added methods "ClearPicture", "PaintPicture", "Picture", "TextOnLeft", "TextOnRight",
to handle insert picture feature.
Viewer - Screen settings would cause the bottom portion of the viewer to be cut off slightly when
running inside a panel (Process Manager / QCCALC Real-Time / RPM Wrapper programs).
Editor - The Bolt Hole angular error calculation is improperly computed when a bolt hole falls on top of
the pivot position.
Viewer - The viewer would improperly position itself inside a panel when configured to start in center of
screen at startup. This only applies when running Process Manager or QCCALC Real-Time / RPM
Wrapper program.
Editor - If a VBScript runtime error occurs in a subroutine outside a workspace (command block) in
which it is called a potential exists to lock up.
Editor - Stack Overflowing error when installing valid license.
Editor - Unable to save valid license data if upgrading from version 2.xx to version 3.xx.
Editor - Changed wizard button look and feel.
Editor - Several bug fixes related to the command editor.
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