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Becker Quality Solutions LLC.
Quality Software, Quality Solutions.

In 1998 Becker Quality Services started its operation by providing engineering services to manufacturing
companies. The focus was consulting clients with their inspection needs. The company developed CMM part
programs, provided training and engineering support. Later the company expanded its services to include
software development for factory automation and metrology applications. With the accumulated years of
experience working with manufacturing clients, we realized a need for a software tool to simplify the information
flow between quality and the manufacturing floor. We developed the Reaction Plan Software Product to address
this need.  In 2006 we changed the name of the company to Becker Quality Solutions to better describe our
mission to provide quality solutions and productivity tools to manufacturing companies.


Our customer base spans into many industries. They include:
aerospace, automotive, medical, air conditioning, factory automation and machine tool system integrators.


To provide quality solutions and productivity software tools to manufacturing companies.
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